Art Consulting


Residential Properties

For us, art is more than mere decoration. It is essential to add value to a space.


Art can change its surroundings and how people feel in it completely. We love making custom atmospheres fit to your needs. 

After all, it is much easier to sell real-estate with personality instead of blank walls.

Most importantly, custom artwork makes a space memorable, unique, and evokes positive emotions. Art is a universal way of communiction without words and can impress your potential client just the way you want it to. 



Through art, hotels can offer a new experience for their travelers.


Hotels can differentiate themselves and show their clients how much they care by surrounding them with art. Art evokes positive emotions that lead to happier clients and more sales. 

Art is the most sophisticated way to provide value to hotels and it creates an atmosphere where your clients feel comfortable. They will want to return to your curated experience. 

Art gives you the opportunity to connect with clientele who value culture and identify with a lifestyle that is shaped by art. This is how your hotel and its unique personality can become known as a tourist destination. Adding art events to the mix will further increase customer loyalty. 


Shopping Malls

Shopping malls must get creative with the rise of eCommerse by creating a lasting impression. hr

Engage shoppers by stimulating their senses and creating positive memories though art.

Live art events can be used as activations to attract new clients who want to be surprised in your magical space where nobody knows what will happen next.

In today’s world, art and malls are uniting to create a new kind of space which attracts a wider audience and allows the malls to become social places where people meet and share experiences. 



Change the way work is conducted through art.

Having art in work spaces, meeting and waiting rooms, as well as in recreational areas of your office will change the way work is conducted in your space.

Being surrounded by art stimulates creativity in people and inspires them. It also reduces stress and increases harmony in the workplace. Through art, you can position your brand and the identity of your company in a unique way. 

Selecting emerging local artists may be a good alternative for your company. It is rewarding to tap into the local culture and support up-and-coming talent in the community, also for Corporate Social Responsability purposes.



Make people’s transit memorable.

For most of us, airports are not our favorite place. They are places of transit where we withstand long waiting hours for our next flight and pass many idle hours. Yet when there’s artwork, the travel experience becomes a lot more beautiful and enjoyable.

Airports are the first point of communication between passengers and their destination. Say hello in a bold and inviting way through art. The first impression is the one that counts – promote your city or country through visual masterpieces. 



Healing is found through art.

Creating a light-hearted atmosphere within a hospital positively impacts the culture of the space. Art brightens an environment and promotes healing by making everyone feel more at ease and at home.

Art has been conquering the traditional hospital setting by beautifying health centers around the world. Changing the cold image to a place of warmth and hope allows patients and families to feel good throughout their healing process.